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Seaside Sketchbook

September 26, 2016

I returned to Dorset this summer and again enjoyed the beaches on the Jurassic coast, made some watercolour sketches from them!

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

This one is Stair Hole, a small cove next to Lulworth Cove.

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

Durdle Door, looking out towards Portland.


What I saw in June

July 25, 2016

On a day out last month I was just in time to see the ‘Performing for the Camera’ exhibition at Tate Modern before it finished. Some of the work that stood out to me included several Cindy Sherman pieces, such as ‘Untitled Film Still #53’ which I sketched from.

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

An exhibition which I found very engaging was Yayoi Kusama’s show at Victoria Miro. It features several of her mirror room installations, which are an incredible to enter and experience. ‘All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins’ was my personal favourite; I was able to enter this room alone and experience the magical environment full of glowing pumpkins, seemingly endless due to being reflected from all angles.

'All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins'

I also enjoyed sketching from ‘Pumpkin’, a series of bronze pumpkin sculptures. This exhibition is open until the 30th of July, so those who haven’t seen it yet will have to be quick to catch it.

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

Into the woods

May 19, 2016

In April I went to Blackwood Forest, where we had a short break staying in a cabin in the woods. Had some brilliant walks and took the opportunity to do some sketches whilst we were there.

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

Playing Jenga in the evening.

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

One of many little shelters built in the woods out of fallen branches.

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

A neighbouring cabin, they’re all on little stilts raised from the ground.

A Gallery Day

March 28, 2016

Here’s a selection of photos and drawings from a day spent in London looking at exhibitions.

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

First a sketch from ‘My Bed’ by Tracey Emin, currently on display at Tate Britain. Pillow-end first! Quite hard to draw round, the room kept filling up with people on gallery tours. Glad I got to see it in person.

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

Barbara Hepworth sculpture outside Tate Britain.

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

A little drawing of one of the ‘Two Cows’ by Stephanie Quayle, on display in the ‘Champagne Life’ exhibition at Saatchi Gallery.

'Two Cows'‘Two Cows’ were pretty big cows, slightly larger than life. One of my favourite pieces from ‘Champagne Life’, I loved how lifelike they looked despite being made of clay. The dark eyes, which appeared to be formed by poking holes in the clay, felt like they were watching me as I walked around them. I swung back and forth between thinking they looked friendly and then thinking they looked angry. I liked the way the clay had been carefully formed into tufts to create their hair.

As well as these two exhibitions I also sawElizabeth Peyton at Sadie Coles, the first time I’d seen her recent work. I last went to an exhibition of her paintings, ‘Live Forever’ in 2009, so it was really interesting to see her newer work.

Recently in my sketchbook

December 1, 2015

Some recent fast sketches from paintings, focused on female headwear.

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

Quick loose sketching, all ballpoint pen on paper.

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

Was interested in the folds, the drapes. What supports these layers of fabric and gives them shape? The paintings make the fabric look so light and flimsy, yet at the same time they have structure.

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

Drawings from Dorset

September 22, 2015

I’ve had a lot of opportunities to travel this year. In August I went to Dorset, I hadn’t spent much time there before and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Here’s some work from the sketchbook I took there.

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

This is a watercolour I did on Man O’ War beach, which is right next to the famous Durdle Door, a dramatic rock arch which we swam out to from the beach!

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

Ringstead Bay, pencil on paper. People were paragliding above the cliff.

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

Portland Bill lighthouse, pencil on paper. A very quick sketch because it was a damp foggy day and we wanted to walk around the lighthouse.

Lake District Sketchbook

July 28, 2015

More sketchbook work! This time a drawing from photographs I took in the Lake District, where I went in April!

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

This is a view from Wrynose Pass, towards Hardknott Pass, a road that we took from Coniston to Eskdale. It turned out to be a rather adventurous route, quite an experience to say the least! It was incredible but very nerve-wracking; we took a different route on the way back. Pencils on paper.

More Paris sketches

June 29, 2015

Some more sketches from the photographs I took in Paris!

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

Little sketch of the Arc de Triomphe, ballpoint pen on paper.

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

From sculptures in the Louvre Museum, pencil on paper.

Eiffel Tower Monoprint

April 20, 2015

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

This is another piece inspired by my trip to Paris, a monoprint drawing from one of my photos of the Eiffel Tower. The text “I’m just temporary” comes from the history of this building; it was apparently originally designed to be a temporary structure, but it is now such a major feature of the Paris skyline and attracts so many visitors that I cannot imagine it being taken down. What was originally intended to be temporary has become fairly permanent, the building’s popularity shaped its future.

Layered drawings

March 27, 2015

I visited Paris recently, had a great time and took lots of photos! Since then I’ve started to draw from them. Here’s a double page sketchbook spread of drawings I made of the Eiffel Tower! Lots of drawings layered up over each other, made with assorted media including pencil and ink.

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

I think this layering theme could be developed by drawing over the images even more, with more variety in scale and media, eventually blocking out more of the original figurative drawings to create the start of abstraction and ambiguity.