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Situated Encounters, our London exhibition!

July 13, 2011

Situated Encounters, the group show in London with work from myself and my colleagues from my course finally came around, and was open from the 7th-10th July!

The Venue

This is the Bargehouse, the fabulous venue of our exhibiton in Oxo Tower Wharf in London! The location was great, it’s central and easily reached from London Waterloo station, so if you’re coming up from South of London, no need to waste money on tube fares! It’s an amazing old building, a warehouse/industrial-type of place that’s probably built in the 1800s and has clearly been through multiple uses, judging by the amount of layers of chipped, peeling paintwork, including a light blue that looks thoroughly reminiscent of hospitals/children’s homes/asylums/schools. Serious variety of wall textures made for a delightfully delapidated finish! Might have to research its history!

This is my work in the show, a selection of 8 photographs. I’m glad I was allocated this space in the show, I really like how my (unmounted, unframed) photos look against the bare red/orange brick work, it makes for an interesting contrast of textures, smooth gloss against rough matte.

My work, closer detail. Left to right: Anne Boleyn, Norwegian Wood, Acceptable in the 80s, Miss Lady.

Second half of my work in more detail: 20th Century Girl, Medieval, War of the Roses, Camilla.

The Private View was busy, rather buzzing! Quite a few of our tutors (who are all practising artists) came along, which was great. It’s awesome that they’re so supportive of our work! During the rest of the time it was open it got quite busy during the weekend, had a few business cards taken, which is always good!

Got quite a few compliments on my work, which is always nice too! And it was interesting to discover who recognised “me” in my work and who didn’t, because a few people must have recognised that I am the model in my photos and said they liked them, and others only told me they liked them because they were introduced to me and asked which work was mine. This is great feedback, really leads me to ask “how heavily disguised do I want to be?”…

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