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Graduate sketchbook work

August 18, 2011

So I’ve officially graduated. It was a nice day, almost a month ago now, which involved getting up too early for my liking, but seeing my friends again, which was great! The gowns were universally unflattering as expected (but were fun to wear nonetheless) and the mortar boards got thrown and caught. It was delightfully formal in some ways, we had inspirational speeches and shook hands with Zandra Rhodes, as she’s the chancellor for our University!

So here’s some of my recent art work, it’s all sketchbook stuff at the moment, haven’t been doing any long studio photoshoots, but been planning ideas for some. The above is a gouache painting in my sketchbook for a series I want to start based on ‘everyday’ people, as I’m so obsessed with glamour and a particular ‘look’ within my photographs that it might be good for me to get away from that and explore the type of look that I don’t normally create. To go back to art school terminology, it’s “out of my comfort zone”. It’s not based on anyone, but it looks somewhat like Kate Moss, no?

I’m not considered a ‘painter’, really.

This is a little sketch based on Catherine of Aragon, as I’ve been watching a lot of The Tudors recently, I only discovered the programme in April and it became an obsession of mine throughout the last few months of my course. I did a few Tudor-inspired pieces earlier this year, but I’d like to do even more. I want to re-do them better, more accurate, more detailed, and to investigate different Tudor women, make a whole series of them. I even want to make Tudor hoods and get the characters spot-on!

Et voila, drawings of Tudor hoods! I’ve been googling frantically and finding guides on the internet on how to make them! So that’s one exciting venture I might get into. It could be quite weird to have two very different sequences of photographs being made at the same time, but it could be ‘good for me’. Need to get 0n and try to make Tudor hoods and do some studio photography. Finding the energy/motivation to do photoshoots when you don’t have impending crits and assessments based on your artwork is pretty tough! Not that I’ve stopped taking photographs… I’ve been playing with my camera, as well as trying out a bit of 35mm film photography, just none of my usual work recently. Looking forward to doing some photoshoots again soon.

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