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30 Day Drawing Challenge: Days 16 to 22!

December 28, 2011

So it’s now the end of December, I got a bit behind with uploading the photos from my sketchbook for the 30 day drawing challenge, what with my preparations for the festive season and such, so here’s the batch from week 3!

Day 16: Inspiration. For this day’s drawing I decided one of the things that inspires me most is history, so in this case I drew Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, as seen on one of my favourite TV shows, ‘The Tudors’, against a backdrop of a castle. Drawn using ballpoint pen.

Day 17: Favourite plant. I don’t really have a favourite plant, but I’m fond of stargazer lilies (and tulips, roses, bluebells… I like a lot!) so I drew them! Ballpoint pen and ink.

Day 18: Just a doodle. What can I say? I took “just a doodle” literally! Fountain pen.

Day 19: Something new. Got new (well, in the middle of November they were new) warm winter boots, they’re pretty awesome! Ballpoint pen.

Day 20: Something orange. This is a satsuma/tangerine, they’re very orange. But you can’t tell, because it’s drawn in black and white, no colour! Ballpoint pen.

Day 21: Something you want. This is a lovely Finsbury Filofax, in ‘raspberry’, gorgeous! I asked for it for Christmas and was delighted to receive it! It’s lovely! Ballpoint pen and ink.

Day 22: Something you miss. This one’s a bit abstract, but it’s something that I really do miss. It’s the paint-splattered walls of the studios at Uni. I miss the studios, I miss Uni, it was such a lovely place filled with wonderful people and I had a great time there. So glad that I had the opportunity to study a subject I love!

More of the drawings soon to come.

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