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30 Day Drawing Challenge: The End, Days 23-30!

January 10, 2012

Day 23: Something you need. Drew my bottle of ‘Veganese’ conditioner by Lush. It’s a lovely conditioner that smells like lemons and actually makes my hair feel softer, which is quite an achievement! It’s a must-have for me. Ballpoint pen.

Day 24: A couple. For this, I was a bit stuck. In the end I decided to draw Kate Middleton and Prince William, from a photo taken of them about to kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on their wedding day, because I thought it was cute.  I’m not particularly keen on the royal family, but I admire these two as a couple because of how long they were together for before they decided to get married, and how ‘normal’ their relationship seems in some ways. Plus I’m obsessed with Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, thought it was beautiful! Ballpoint pen.

Day 25: Scenery. For scenery, I decided to draw the view I had from my window, which shows next door, an outbuilding, cars and trees. Fountain pen.

Day 26: Something you don’t like. For this drawing I illustrated the fact that I really dislike getting fed up of a book and stopping halfway through it. I generally try to persist to the end of books. Ballpoint pen.

Day 27: Someone you love. Fairly self-explanatory, here’s my boyfriend, and one of my cats, both of whom I love. Ballpoint pen. (Crikey, I need to experiment more with drawing materials again!)

Day 28: Anything you’d like. I’d like a cup of hot tea please! Ballpoint pen.

Day 29: A place you want to go. I’d like to go to Scotland some day, and do stereotypical things like visit castles and lakes, wear tartan and spy on highland cattle. It looks like a beautiful country! Fountain pen and coloured pencils.

Day 30: A congrats banner for finishing the challenge. Ta-da, a sketchy little banner! Ballpoint pen, fountain pen and coloured pencils.

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