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‘Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?’ exhibition!

May 14, 2012

Some time has now passed since the exhibition my work was in, Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal, and it was a really fun quirky show! The private view went nicely and it was an interesting selection of work. Photo above is of the two pieces of work I submitted, ‘Fake Bake Daze’ and ‘Boom and Bust’. Below is a photo of the exhibition view of my pieces.

Got some good feedback, especially as Fake Bake Daze is a piece that’s quite different from other work I’ve made before, and the work is becoming more transformative. Was really interesting to see how people in the same situation as me are still trying to carry on with their artistic practice, attempting to make art work in the post-uni world. It was really good to talk to other people about how we gain the motivation for continuing to make work after graduating, I think that participating in exhibitions and regularly displaying work online are two great ways to attempt to keep motivated! And some of the people who took part in the exhibition were still on the course, or had graduated several years previously, so was interesting to see what they were all making too. Going back to the town felt a bit bizarre but also quite nice in a way, a bit nostalgic, but it was a very different feeling to how I felt when I lived in the town as a student. Overall it was a really great little show, and was lovely to see some of my co-graduates who I hadn’t seen in ages!

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