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The Dowager Princess

June 12, 2013

Here’s a new piece of work made with my portrait performance photography technique!

‘The Dowager Princess’, 2013

‘The Dowager Princess’ is based on Catherine of Aragon, the title is what she was called by Henry VIII after the annulment of their marriage; instead of being addressed as Queen Catherine, she then became known as the Dowager Princess of Wales (apart from by her daughter and loyal supporters who still called her Queen, if rumours are to be believed). For this piece I made an English-style Tudor gable hood, which I made throughout March and April, then made this piece in May, so it took quite a lot of planning. The gable hood is not entirely historically accurate in its construction, but I think it does the job well enough to set the scene and project the feel and atmosphere that I wanted to convey.

Was fun to examine Tudor history, it raises questions about how much of it can be believed. There’s so much written about this phase of history, loads of TV and films based around it, it’s fascinating! None of us can really get into the minds of any of Henry’s long-dead six wives, but it’s interesting to try.

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