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Kefalonia Sketchbook

October 16, 2013

So, back at the end of August/start of September I was fortunate enough to spend 2 weeks in Kefalonia, a Greek island in the Ionian sea. During my time there I did some work in my sketchbook, and here it is!

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

Melissani Lake

This is a watercolour sketch (from a photo I took) of Melissani Lake, a lake in a cave which had part of the roof fall in about 5000 years ago, according to the guides! You go round in little rowing boats, and it’s such a beautiful experience. I was really glad that I chose to do this on my birthday.

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

Trapezaki Beach

This is a watercolour sketch (sketched on beach and colour added later) of Trapezaki, which was a small, fairly quiet and rugged beach. Sadly no matter where you go on the island, most beaches have parasols and sun loungers which someone comes round and asks you for money to sit on and use. Very little free shade! But this was one of the less-touristy beaches, we went there twice and I had fun snorkelling there, saw lots of little fish!

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett


This is a watercolour sketch (all done plein air on the beach itself) at Myrtos, one of the most photographed beaches in Greece, and rather a dazzling place! The sea was insanely blue and the sand/pebbles were bright white!

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett


It was so stunning that I painted it twice! Took lots of photographs here too. Glad we went, I thought that we couldn’t go all the way to Kefalonia and not visit this beach! (ETA: Beautiful, but on the day we visited, the waves were huge, swimming was rather exciting/scary depending on your point of view. I enjoyed it, but it was tiring after a short while!)

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

View to Zakynthos

And finally, here’s a pencil sketch I made on the last day, sitting on the ‘local’ beach (the village we were staying in) looking out to sea with a view of Zakynthos, the neighbouring island, which had a large, interesting-looking cloud above it.

It was an interesting trip, so I’m glad that I’ve now seen a bit more of the world. It also allowed me to rediscover watercolour paints, media I hadn’t used properly in ages!

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