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The home

February 10, 2014


This is a very special piece that I’ve been waiting to share, as it was a wedding present for a friend and her husband, who got married at the end of December last year. It’s a drawing I made for them of their home.

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

‘The home’, pencil on paper, A4. Photo was slightly lightened, as I took the photo of the drawing indoors in December so it looked a bit darker than the drawing actually is.

It was particularly special because I’ve never tried to draw a building in quite such a detailed, realistic, shaded brick-by-brick way before, especially tricky to do on a small scale. I’m pleased with how it turned out considering that I hadn’t been there in person before the wedding and I drew the house from a slightly different angle to the photos I’d seen. So when I got there I was pleased to see it resembled my drawing!

(P.S. The wedding was great, best wishes to the newlyweds!)

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  1. February 10, 2014 9:16 pm

    Love the drawing! What a great gift.

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