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A Gallery Day

March 28, 2016

Here’s a selection of photos and drawings from a day spent in London looking at exhibitions.

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

First a sketch from ‘My Bed’ by Tracey Emin, currently on display at Tate Britain. Pillow-end first! Quite hard to draw round, the room kept filling up with people on gallery tours. Glad I got to see it in person.

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

Barbara Hepworth sculpture outside Tate Britain.

Copyright Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

A little drawing of one of the ‘Two Cows’ by Stephanie Quayle, on display in the ‘Champagne Life’ exhibition at Saatchi Gallery.

'Two Cows'‘Two Cows’ were pretty big cows, slightly larger than life. One of my favourite pieces from ‘Champagne Life’, I loved how lifelike they looked despite being made of clay. The dark eyes, which appeared to be formed by poking holes in the clay, felt like they were watching me as I walked around them. I swung back and forth between thinking they looked friendly and then thinking they looked angry. I liked the way the clay had been carefully formed into tufts to create their hair.

As well as these two exhibitions I also sawElizabeth Peyton at Sadie Coles, the first time I’d seen her recent work. I last went to an exhibition of her paintings, ‘Live Forever’ in 2009, so it was really interesting to see her newer work.

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